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Supplier of aerospace products to governments.

    Sattel Technologies, headquartered in Los Angeles, designed and manufactured satellite telecommunication products between 1984 and 2001 that remain in worldwide use today.  Sattel's founder and CEO was George Weischadle, an engineer who helped to design America's first satellite network, WESTAR, and Asia's first regional satellite network, PALAPA.  Mr. Weischadle holds degrees in electrical engineering, business, and law.

    Sattel made aerospace industry history when it purchased an in-orbit telecommunications satellite from an insurance group following a Shuttle ejection failure, returned it to earth on a later Space Shuttle through a venture with NASA, then refurbished and relaunched it through subcontracts Sattel awarded to Hughes Aircraft and McDonnell Douglas Corp.  It became the world's first reconditioned satellite in space.  Still in orbit today but recently retired from service, the Palapa B2-R satellite has a rich and unique history.  Footage of the in-orbit retrieval recorded by NASA can be seen here.

    Sattel's customers and vendors include governments, NASA, McDonnell Douglas and Hughes Aircraft Co.  Our accomplishments include the first digitally-implemented Intelsat Super-VISTA satellite modem, the first commercial implementation of European GSM standards on satellite links, and the largest Demand Assignment Multiple Access (DAMA) public telecommunications system of its time, interconnecting developed and developing countries with multiple public telecom network signaling standards.

Major Public Network Installations Worldwide
Australia, Perth SCPC-DAMA international gateway, Indian Ocean Region
Australia, Sydney SCPC-DAMA international gateway, Pacific Ocean Region
China Local telephone exchanges and remote concentrators
C.I.S., Moscow PSTN earth terminal, international
Cook Islands PSTN earth terminals, domestic, solar-powered
Fiji PSTN earth terminal, international
Guatemala SCPC-DAMA domestic satellite network serving 150 cities
Indonesia SCPC-DAMA regional public network serving 300+ cities
Indonesia SCPC-DAMA regional private network for S.E. Asia
Indonesia Local telephone exchanges
Kazahkstan PSTN earth terminal, international
Kiribati PSTN earth terminals, domestic and international
Marshall Islands PSTN earth terminals, domestic
Nauru PSTN earth terminals, international
New Zealand PSTN earth terminals, international
Nigeria SCPC satellite terminal network, domestic
Niue PSTN satellite terminal, international
Philippines Local PSTN telephone exchanges
Sakhalin Island PSTN satellite terminal, international
Syria PSTN tandem telephone exchange
Taiwan Local and tandem PSTN telephone exchanges
U.S.A. Local and tandem PSTN telephone exchanges
Western Samoa PSTN satellite terminal, international

PSTN = Public Switched Telephone Network
SCPC = Single Channel per Carrier
DAMA = Demand Assignment Multiple Access

On the Launch Pad
Photo: Courtesy NASA


Advanced Location-Based Services
Merlin Technologies Global Positioning

Our new venture Merlintek is applying aerospace technology to new wireless geolocation solutions.  Merlin is an alternative geolocation technology to GPS that enables persons and assets to be located indoors and out, seamlessly throughout the world.  It has none of the indoor limitations inherent in satellite geolocation.  Legacy GPS will never work this well indoors.  It is in operation on a trial basis and will soon be expanded worldwide.  We are seeking companies interested in participating in its worldwide rollout.

    Merlin's revolutionary indoor/outdoor security services are made possible by our team's unique expertise in aerospace, RF and signal processing technologies. 

    The geolocation system provides seamless metropolitan and rural security coverage indoors and out.  It helps keep families connected and secure at all times.  A "wireless lifeline", Merlin gives parents and caregivers the ability to locate their children and at-risk adults, whether across the street or across town, even if they are unable to assist others in locating them.

And in the asset protection industry Merlin powers new-generation consumer products that "can't be lost"sm.  Embedded on the motherboard of a laptop computer, for example, it enables an owner to find his lost or stolen laptop at any time, even if it is concealed indoors, powered off, and disconnected from the Internet.   

    Such powerful security has not been available until today, and one can think of few needs that are more important to our society. As we expand worldwide we will post updates to our Web site.  Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

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